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Add separation in master suite for more privacy.

Master suites are growing in importance in the homes I design today. They not only provide a restful retreat for harried parents or empty nesters–the master is like a home within the home, including spa-like bath amenities, libraries or sitting rooms and breakfast bars to serve the morning coffee. In my own home, I arranged the master suite in a way that often surprises my clients: I spaced the master bath a good 15 feet away from the bedroom. Many clients want the bathroom right off the bedroom, but I encourage them to consider adding a passageway that might contain a breakfast bar or sitting area between the two. Why? I have found that the added space provides much needed privacy and quiet for the spouse who might not rise as early as the other. My morning wake times no longer disturb Susan as our dressing room and bath area are well separated from the bedroom. It’s an arrangement we’ve come to appreciate, and so have many of my clients. If you’re considering building a new home or undertaking a master suite renovation, adding some breathing room to this important area might be more than a home improvement, it could be a major quality of life improvement.

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  1. margaret Says:

    We put in a 6 by 4 tiled vestibule that led outside and also to the masterbath. It is between our master bedroom and bath. Now when my husband comes in from working or fishing from outside (would also be great for when we have our pool) he walks into the tiled vestibule and on into the masterbath instead of walking through the house and our bedroom. It also provides that buffer between the bedroom and bathroom.

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