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Put roof material selection at the top of your priority list.

I wrote about the importance of roof material selection on this blog a few years ago–but we’ve all slept since then and this important topic bears repeating. I just can’t emphasize enough how critical it is to get this part of your home right. Your roof is one of the largest architectural features on the outside of your home, and it sets the stage for the look and feel. For example, shake shingles convey a more casual, rustic and almost cottagey feel, while a thin, sawn shingle is more refined and conveys elegance. If you’re selecting slate or tile, color choice is important. When I choose slate for a home, I typically select gray, black or taupe, but have also chosen multicolor slate for certain homes. Barrel tile is typically some shade of red, and it’s just about the only suitable choice for an Italian or Mediterranean style home. One home I’m designing for an acreage is going to have a metal roof, and this will be in a dark brown shade. There are many manufactured roofing products on the market that resemble wood and slate–they’re popular because they cost less than natural materials and they’re not combustible. While cost is a factor for most any homeowner, I encourage my clients to go the route of natural roofing materials. In the long run, the more authentic look wins out (in my opinion) and is worth the extra expense.

You can see how the roofing materials add to the home’s overall look. From top, tile, slate, sawn shingle, shake shingle.

2 Responses to “Put roof material selection at the top of your priority list.”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Do you have a photo of the metal roof home you worked on?
    Also, have you ever designed a home with fiber cement siding? I would very much like your thoughts on this product.
    Thank you.

  2. elisebross Says:

    We do have some photos of a metal roof house. The one we did that we are the most proud is a Florida residence. I will forward to you in an email.

    As far as cement siding goes, we have used it before but I can’t comment on it because I do not how it has held up in the world of longevity. Time will usually tell how long a product will last. I know it has been out for many years but I just don’t know if they have had problems with it.

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