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This couple finds their “Dream Home.”

Talking to homeowners and potential clients is one of the best parts of my work. I recently received a call from a couple who, after years of research, planning and dreaming, had just purchased one of my homes. After many years of relocating for the husband’s job, they decided to put down roots near Tulsa when they learned that our original “Dream Home” was on the market. They first learned about this plan many years ago in Tennessee, when they came across a builder’s home they loved. What drew them to it was the detail and amenities rarely found in a one-story home. The beams, the rounded corners, the trim work and flooring–all of which added up to 3,500 square feet–and was much more manageable for the two of them (and their two dogs!). I met with this couple recently to discuss their plans of adding a garage (they need a 4-car garage) as well as another closet in the master. They also wanted my input on a master landscaping plan. I can tell you that they are a dream client, as some homeowners choose to alter our plans (or one of my existing homes they purchased), without our input. The results is always “almost, but not quite,” as the changes rarely fit in well with the rest of the home’s design. So I’m thrilled that, after years of looking at our Dream Home plan, this couple has made living in one a reality.

A photo from the gallery in The Dream Home. I use galleries often in my designs as a nice way to transition or connect various rooms.

Here's a sample page from our Dream Home portfolio. You can purchase this book on my website here: http://www.jackarnold.com/pp_lp_dhp.html.

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