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The One-Story Wonder

One couple’s obsession with Jack Arnold design leads them to their Dream Home.

Some people just know what they want, and won’t settle for anything less. For one couple, only a Jack Arnold home would suffice as their forever home after 24 years of marriage.

Not just any Jack Arnold home would fit the bill, however. They had their hearts set on Jack Arnold’s “Dream Home,” a one-story plan sold through Arnold’s Homes of Elegance company. And they went to great lengths to find it.

“We first saw a Dream Home that was a builder’s residence in Tennessee,” he recalls. “It was in a really wonderful sub-division with beautifully constructed homes. When the builder told us it was a plan called the Dream Home designed by Jack Arnold, we knew we’d remember that name and find one for ourselves when we were ready to put down permanent roots.”

What drew them to the Dream Home was the level of detail, luxury and amenities in a one-story home.

“A 5,000 square-foot home isn’t something we needed or wanted for just the two of us,” she says. “And you don’t often find the beams, rounded corners and thoughtful planning in, say, a 3,800 square-foot house. But that’s what the Dream Home plan offers.”

Moving every few years for the husband’s job meant that the couple was waiting to build their dream home when the timing was just right. That didn’t keep them from searching the internet for “Jack Arnold Homes” in every city where they resided.

While living in Rogers, Arkansas, the wife turned up a treasure while searching online. The original Dream Home, built on several acres in northeastern Oklahoma, was for sale. They decided that it was time to put down the roots they’d always longed for in the home they’d always envisioned.

“Every day we wake up and find something else we just love about this home,” says the wife. “The courtyards give us so many views of the property–and there’s something to look at outside every window. We’re planning new landscaping with Jack’s landscape architect–we want all the details to be as Jack would want them, and we don’t want to mess anything up!”

“It’s a home that fits both the country and a neighborhood equally well,” he adds. “We go out to the courtyards to have breakfast and just love it. After living in Europe for four years, we know what that lifestyle is like, what that architecture is like.

“And this is as close as it gets.”

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