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Advantages of letting the architect design your pool.

As the heat in my city remains locked at above 105 degrees, it’s tough not to think about how much a pool alleviates the dog days of summer. Right now I am working with three clients on how to incorporate their pool into the overall design of their home and back yard space. Working with the architect on pool design allows homeowners to create a cohesive outdoor area that ties all the elements (outdoor room, pots, paving, furniture) together. And because a pool is such a dominant feature, you want it to feel like it fits with the style and materials used elsewhere on the property. Some of my clients prefer a formal, small pool that includes a water feature for sound. Blue stone is a great paving materials around this type of pool, but keep in mind it’s pricey and gets pretty hot. Another client prefers a more free form pool, and the other client has lots of space to create almost two pools (one a lap pool, the other a pool with a spa area) connected by steps. All three of these pools use materials that coordinate well with the home, and all of them have a dark interior (which I prefer because not only does it look more natural, it doesn’t create a glare). No matter what pool features you desire, let your team of professionals work together to create an aesthetically pleasing design that seamlessly blends with the overall look of your home.

Here's a photo of the outdoor room and pool at my home. A French Country feel that is warm and welcoming--my grandkids love this pool!

This simple yet formal fountain adds a nice relaxing sound element to my backyard as it flows into the pool.

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