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Creating A Home You Never Want to Leave

Featured in the October 2012 edition of Traditional Homes magazine is a custom home I designed for a great client, who owned a lot in midtown Tulsa.  I think Traditional Homes is one of the better shelter magazines that highlights home design and I often have my clients look through it to for inspiration.

When designing a client’s home, it is very important for me to listen to what they want in a home so I can make sure they’ll get the home they want to stay in forever.  Some clients have mentioned that they don’t even want to go to a 5-star hotel because it won’t equal what they have at their own house.  I feel very proud of the detailing and the thought that we put into our plans and making sure the client is happy.

Designing this client’s home was no different.  I wanted to give them a home that they enjoyed so much that they would have absolutely never want to leave.

This is the main entrance to the home.  The doors are surrounded by English Ivy opening into a courtyard leading to the front door. In the photo you can also see our European Copper chimney pots that I designed that are multi-purpose in that they definitely to the overall look of the home and in addition is the safest product you can put on a fireplace.

I formed an entry within an entry, which is reminiscent of some of my signature architectural work.


The great room is a large open area with vaulted ceilings and beams with a dining and living room.

A set of beautiful antiqued mirrored pocket doors divides the kitchen from the great room allowing the homeowner to entertain without the distractions from the kitchen.

For the master bedroom suite, I like to create a private retreat for my client that allows them to have many of the conveniences in an entire home in one area.  Once you get into the master bedroom suite we usually offer a morning bar, which would be a place to store refrigerated drinks, coffee, possibly a microwave.  There might even be a separate washer and dryer for that end of the house.  This particular house has a his and her bathroom and closets.

The master suite includes a small sitting room/study area with vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, and windows on all three sides. This is characteristic of my houses as I like a lot of natural light and connection to the outside.

The serene master bedroom off of the master suite study/library.

As you make your way outside, you enter a peaceful space with beautiful landscaping resembling their very own resort right in the backyard.   Diane Cagle was the landscape architect for this project and helped the client with the landscaping and pool layout.  The building in the back is a guest house and a cabana showing our chimney pots.  Not shown in the photo is a cooking area off the cabana which is covered with an arbor.

The Chandler’s house, cabana, and outdoor room is U-shaped surrounding the pool.


The outdoor room with a fireplace is directly off of the kitchen. This outdoor room is designed to allow people to be a part of the pool activities while being protected from the elements. Outdoor rooms are becoming more and more popular and several clients request this entertaining area while coming up with design ideas for their homes.

Click the link below to read the complete article “Easy Elegance” from Traditional Homes magazine.  Written and Produced by Jenny Bradley &
Photography by Werner Straube.









2 Responses to “Creating A Home You Never Want to Leave”

  1. Theresa Neubauer Says:

    Hi Jack;
    My husband and I are planning to build a new home and absolutely love your designs! Do you have any new designs we could consider at this time?
    Thanks so much,
    Theresa Neubauer

  2. elisebross Says:

    Hi Theresa,
    I have a few questions for you in order to better suggest some of our designs. Do you already have a lot and what size is it?
    What size home are you wanting to build? Do you have a particular style preference? Once I have some of this information, I’ll be able to suggest some options.
    Elise Bross
    Marketing Director @ Jack Arnold Companies

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